Benedictine Care Community's Wellness Department provides exercise programming for our residents.  The Wellness Coaches have had extensive training to enhance quality of life for each resident through promoting exercises to increase strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. 
The exercise programs focus on individualized wellness protocols in a group setting, which also increases social and group interactions.  Each resident is evaluated by an Exercise Physiologist who then writes an exercise prescription based on individualized results. 
Strength and Balance classes are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; while Stretch and Balance classes are performed on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday throughout the day.  The strength portion of the class focuses on maintaining or gaining muscle strength in the greater muscles of the body.  The stretch portion of the class gives those muscles a day to rest and heal, while increasing resident's flexibility.  The balance class is offered every day and is an intense fifteen minute workout providing a safe area for each resident to increase or stablilize their gait. 
For more information about the Wellness Programs,
contact Rachel Brandt, Wellness Director
at 218-784-5576 or