Culinary Menu April 6th - 12th


Culinary Menu April 13th - 19th


Benedictine Living Community of Ada's Culinary Services has a full-time Culinary Manager on staff who oversees the kitchen and food production.  The manager is always interested in comments from the residents, tenants, patients, family and friends.  The culinary office can be reached during regular hours at (218) 784-5219.

Our Consultant Dietician works closely with Culinary Services, physicians and residents to ensure appropriate nutrition that also reflects the preferences and wishes of the individual.

A top-notch kitchen staff prepares and serves each meal as well as providing "homemade" touches like fresh baked goods made by hand.

High Standards
All meals are planned in accordance with all State and Federal Nutritional Standards, including the current recommendations of the Minnesota State Health Department and the Manual of Clinical Dietetics from the American Dietetic Association.

Don't let the adherence to government standards fool you.  Every serving is still prepared with the same care as a home cooked meal.  A choice of entrees and attention to each individual's likes and dislikes assures that each meal is not just good for you, but also just plain good.

Regular Diet Guidelines (per day)
Calories             1600-1800
Protein               45-65 grams
Sodium              3-5 grams*  (doesn't include added table salt)

Percent of Total Calories
Carbohydrates       45-50%
Protein                  16-20%
Fat                        35-38%

Keep in mind that these are general standards.  Portions and percentages can be altered to reflect individual tastes and needs.

Meal Schedule

  • Breakfast             7:30 a.m.
  • Dinner                 12:00 p.m.
  • Supper                 5:00 p.m.

Snacks are offered twice daily. Friends and family are invited to join residents for coffee and snacks each afternoon at 1:30 p.m.  Evening snacks are available to residents at the end of the day.

Special Occasions
Food is an important part of many celebrations and Benedictine Living Community of Ada's Culinary Department provides a variety of traditional and contemporary culinary choices to fit the occasion.

  • Holidays - Traditional holiday meals are provided to fit both regular and modified diets.
  • Fine Dining - Invitations are sent to family and friends and a gourmet menu is planned for these special events.
  • Monthly Theme Meals - Mexican Fiestas to Hawaiian Luaus, Benedictine Living Community of Ada offers exciting changes from the routine. Menu items are selected to satisfy a variety of palates.