Living Community of St. Joseph is a member of Benedictine Health System


Our Mission

The Benedictine Health System is a Catholic health care organization that provides a continuum of services and is entrusted with furthering the health cre mission of the Benedictine Sisters of Duluth, Minnesota. The system is committed to witness to God's love for all people, with special concern for the poor and the powerless. This mission is accomplished through Participating Organizations, which provide compassionate and competent services in an environment that enhances human worth.

   Core Values

Hospitality, Respect, Justice, Stewarship

   Living Community Philosophy Statement

  •  Provide a worry free lifestyle with peace of mind.
  •  Offer each individual support and encouragement based on the person's needs and desires.
  •  Offer services which improve quality of years by adding value to each resident's life.
  •  Enhance the physical, emotional, spiritual and social health of each resident.

    1202 Heartland Road, St. Joseph, MO  64506  Phone: (816) 671-8500


Site Plan (PDF 194KB)