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Saint Anne Extended Healthcare is a skilled service facility with 109 private rooms, providing care with the following specialties:


  • Rehabilitation Services
Our Therapy team consists of physical, occupational, recreational and speech therapists. Other members of our interdisciplinary team include nurses, dieticians, chaplains, and social workers. These specialists can help restore skills of eating, walking, and self-care. Personal attention, encouragement, and fun activities provide motivation for recovery. 
  • Clinically Complex Long-Term Services
Our Clinically Complex Long-Term Program provides support during recovery from a significant health event. Whether services are required to regain strength for a return home, or if a more long-term stay is expected, people will feel reassured by an experienced clinical team. Out interdisciplinary team assists in managing healthcare needs by providing specific clinical services. At the same time, the person’s interactive, psychosocial, and spiritual needs are addressed and nurtured. 
  • Palliative Care
Our Palliative Care team is specially trained to address the needs of people dealing with life-threatening illnesses when a cure is not available. We are committed to supporting residents, families, and caregivers as they cope during the last stages of life. Palliative Care Services include: pain and symptom management, grief support, spiritual care, educational offerings, bereavement follow-up, and individual, family, and caregiver counseling. 
  • Alzheimer / Dementia Special Needs Services
The structured care environment in the Special Needs Unit provides calming sensory stimulation, individualized daily schedule planning and specialized activity programming.  There is an emphasis on behavior management strategies to address such challenges as wandering, agitation, confusion, and behavior that is disruptive or socially inappropriate. 
For more information, contact Admissions Coordinator Shelly Stockhausen, LPN, at 507-205-6251 or