Mission Statement

As a member organization of the Benedictine Health System, Saint Anne of Winona operates according to the Mission of the Benedictine Health System:

The Benedictine Health System, a Catholic healthcare organization entrusted with furthering the healthcare mission of the Benedictine Sisters of Duluth, Minnesota, provides a spectrum of services with special concern for the poor and the powerless. The system is committed to witness to God's love for all people by providing high-quality services compassionate environment that enhances human worth.

Vision Statement
Creating Benedictine Living Communities where health, independence and choice come to life.


The philosophy of Saint Anne of Winona is based on that of the Roman Catholic Church and the Judeo-Christian principles of the sacredness of human life and the dignity of persons as God’s highest creation. It embodies a commitment to respect the dignity of every person and the inherent value of human life and to achieve excellence in the provision of care for the elderly.

Saint Anne of Winona strives to provide total care for our residents, addressing their spiritual, physical, emotional and social needs. It is our desire to maintain and support Christian life and promote an atmosphere that affirms the presence of the Divine within the human person. Because of this belief, we stand for principles that develop openness toward life, encouraging freedom, creativity and initiative in each person.



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