An accident, injury, stroke, surgery or illness can lead to major life changes leaving you or your loved one in need of rehabilitation.. St. Michael’s Health and Rehabilitation Center offers a wide variety of on site therapies both in-patient, for post hospital short or long term care, or out patient services for a continuum of care. Therapies are individually designed to enhance quality of life as well as to promote independence. Our therapists work with patients, family members and professional staff to meet the needs for returning to community life or to function at highest optimal ability. Our trained professional staff have been working together as a unit for the duration of our careers in the field. Therapies include:

Physical Therapy: Mobility, strength, functional ability. Treatments and exercise to decrease pain, restore function, improve balance and coordination. Activities include gait training with and without assistive devices, transfer training from a variety of surfaces, all designed to regain independence.

Occupational Therapy: Provides training to regain independence with daily self cares – i.e. dressing, toileting, home management. Treatment includes exercises to improve upper body strength and range of motion, adaptive equipment training, wheelchair positioning, and splinting. Cognitive evaluations and safety assessments are completed as well to aid in discharge planning.

Speech Language Pathology: Offers evaluation, diagnose, and treatment to help prevent disorders related to swallowing, cognitive-communication, language, voice, speech, and fluency. Onsite certified speech language pathologist (SLP) who is trained in neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES).