Recreation Therapy Department
The Recreation Therapy Department staffed by the director, 6 Recreation Therapy Assistants, a spiritual Coordinator and a van driver. There is a variety of activities provided for the residents from 8 am. through 8 pm. seven days a week. The Recreation Therapy program is structured to meet the psychosocial need of all residents.
·        Arts and Crafts
·        Baking/Cooking groups
·        Bingo
·        Bowling
·        Cane Hockey
·        Cards
·        Exercise groups
·        Games Intergenerational programs
·        Movies
·        Music
·        Pet Therapy
·        Spiritual groups and Services
·        Volleyball
·        Community Outings
Beauty Salon
The Beauty Salon is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Appointments are made through the Recreation Therapy Department.