1201 8th Street South
Virginia, MN  55792
Main Phone: 218-748-7800

From our spacious, manicured grounds to our immaculate dining and common areas, St. Michael's Health & Rehabilitation Center in Virginia is one of the region's most attractive and user-friendly nursing facilities.

Our modern and convenient facility is built on one level for easier client and visitor access.  We offer spacious private and semi-private rooms that provide a home-like setting, plus comfortable rooms in each wing of the facility.  We also provide a special room for end-of-life care.

Meals are planned by our own dietitian, and prepared each day on-site.  For residents' entertainment and socialization, St. Michael's Health & Rehabilitation Center provides daily and evening activities including cooking, exercise groups and games based on individual preference.  We also sponsor group outings, with transportation provided by our driver and bus, along with special events for residents and families to enjoy.  Our  friendly staff is helpful and dedicated, providing round-the-clock assistance and service.

St. Michael's Health & Rehabilitation Center is proud to offer on-site  physical, occupational and speech therapy, provided by a team of caring and highly trained therapists.  Customized therapy helps residents regain independence and health, and is an intergral part of helping us fulfill our mission.

At St. Michael's Health & Rehabilitation Center, we encourage families to visit and ask questions of our staff. For admissions information, contact our Social Services Department by calling (218) 748-7800.


BHS & St. Michael’s MISSION
The Benedictine Health System is a Catholic health care organization that provides a continuum of services and is entrusted with furthering the health care mission of the Benedictine Sisters of Duluth, Minnesota. The System is committed to witness to God’s love for all people, with special concern for the poor and the powerless. This Mission is accomplished through participating organizations, which provide compassionate and competent services in an environment that enhances human worth.


                                                                                     Core Values



*      Creating a climate that promotes a sense of community while valuing the uniqueness of the individual

*      Listening and responding sensitively to all

*      Extending warmth and acceptance to each other and to all I serve

*      Creating a welcoming atmosphere personally and organizationally

*      Welcoming new ideas and being open to change





*      Utilizing human resources responsibly

*      Providing wise and respectful use of all material and monetary resources

*      Promoting conservation of resources and energy




*      Cherishing and promoting the worth of all human life

*      Treating persons with dignity and reverence without regard to age, gender, race, minority or economic status

*      Honoring and supporting the spirituality of each person

*      Valuing the dignity of all work

*      Promoting participation of all persons in the decisions affecting their lives





*      Advocating policies for the poor and powerless

*      Maintaining respectful working relationships

*      Eliminating prejudice in ourselves and in organizational policies

*      Promoting open and fair decision-making based on valid information

*      Striving to develop a global vision personally and organizationally

*      Working towards a more just world

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap, familial status, or other protected classes.