St. Isidore Health Center of Greenwood Prairie Place

Hillcrest Nursing and Retirement home was first proposed in 1966 by the Jaycees for the purpose of meeting the health care needs of a growing number of senior citizens in the Plainview area. The Westhaven Nursing Home, a privately owned 12 bed facility in Plainview, was planning to close in 1968. The Plainview City Council approved the project, and Hillcrest, a 71 bed skilled nursing facility, opened its doors in June of 1968.

For 25 years Hillcrest was operated by the City of Plainview. In 1992, Health Dimensions, a leading provider of health care services for the elderly in Minnesota, contracted to manage the facility. This led to the purchase of Hillcrest by Health Dimensions in 1993, and a new name - Hillcrest Community Care Center.

In 1993, Green Prairie Place was built in response to the community's desire to provide a wider range of housing and healthcare options for seniors. Green Prairie Place consisted of 26 independent living apartments and 10 assisted living suites.

In 1999, Hillcrest and Green Prairie Place were purchased by the Benedictine Health System, a non-profit, religiously-affiliated corporation. On May 18th, 2005 this campus adopted a new faith-based name, St. Isidore Health Center of Greenwood Prairie.  St. Isidore was an 11th and 12th century saint who was known for his hard work as a farm laborer and for his devout way of life.  Our campus is located in the area of southeastern Minnesota know as Greenwood Prairie, an area of rich farmland where agriculture is the driving economic force, making St. Isidore's patronage a natural fit for our rural campus.