Spritual Services

At St. Eligius Health Center we care for the entire person; body, soul, mind, and spirit. The spiritual care staff provide spritual and emotional support to our residents, their family members, our staff, and visitor.


A key component of holistic care at St. Eligius Health Center is the Spritual Care Professional/Chaplain who extends the gift of hospitality beyond advocacy and education to provide spiritual resources which help residents and staff focus on transcedent meaning, purpose of life.


The St. Eligius Spiritual Care Professional/Chaplain respectfully responds to values, beliefs, and religius needs of every individual.


Religious Services Offered:


Orthodox Service- Everyother Monday-10:00AM

Protestant Service-Tuesday-10:15AM

Catholic Mass-Friday at 10:00AM

Rosary Prayer Group-Wednesday-9:30AM

Stations of the Cross-Thursday-9:30AM

Bible Study-Thursday-10:00AM